I like to bring you new and interesting paleo-friendly food to try, and this one is certainly a little bit different. Paleo bars ... from Spain! How do they measure up to their UK Counterparts? Read on ...

So when Paleobull asked if I'd like to try their Paleo bars out, I did have a 'why me?' moment, I live in the UK! Once I realised that they post all over Europe, it started to make more sense. They definitely know how to spoil a girl though, 15 bars and 2 lovely Paleobull mugs later, it was a very good day in the office!

I'm ashamed it's taken me a few months to test them (but thankfully they have a really long shelf life which is handy!), I've been somewhat preoccupied with the UK Paleo Awards!

So, who are Paleo Bull?

Ripping it straight from their website:

"The team behind Paleobull is a group of friends, and now partners, who one day decided to take the road to a dream, to offer the world a healthy alternative to the epidemic of highly processed snacks that invade us.

At that time began the process of research and development of paleo bars. For the selection of ingredients at all times we follow a maxim: always use natural ingredients and the best quality. The final product has been the fruit of hundreds of tests and tastings, until obtaining the texture and the flavor so characteristic of Paleobull bars, that makes them unique."

They sound a lovely bunch of hard-working folks trying to bring something cleaner and healthier to the market - that gets a big thumbs up here! :-)

So, yet again I rolled my crack team of tasters out again (aka the office mates) to help me test the 5 different bars.

Here's what we thought ...


Love the brand, it's old with the caveman drawing of a bull yet new, fresh and very colourful! We definitely felt that they have good shelf appeal.

The ingredients are helpfully written in Spanish AND English so you don't need to reach for the dictionary!

Taste, flavour & texture

Collagen & Sesame Seed - the initial hit of sesame seed was really pleasant but gave way to a slightly bitter after taste. We're really impressed with the amount of collagen crammed in (10 grams), you wouldn't know!

Good texture, easy to eat, fairly moist.

Orange & Chia - this gave a mix of caramel notes and very subtle orange flavour (we thought the orange flavour needed to be cranked up some more). The chia seeds gave an extra dimension to the texture, a good bit of crunch.

Overall, we found this bar a little dense and harder to eat as a result.

Banana & Hazelnut - do you remember those yellow foam banana sweets you had as a kid? Well it smells like that! The taste of banana was more subtle but didn't taste as authentic as we'd like. It was rather hard texture-wise too.

Cacao & Reishi - ok, first up, hands up if you know what Reishi is? I have to admit I have to google it! It's a mushroom that is purported to improve your immune system and blood circulation, amongst other things. So thank you Paleo Bull for expanding my knowledge of another superfood!

Back to the Cacao & Reishi bar - it had a mild, pleasant taste and was soft and easy to eat.

Coconut & Maca - this was our favourite bar! A really lovely coconutty taste, felt a bit like a coconut flapjack but so much better for you! Nice and soft and easy to eat.


Collagen & Sesame Seed - Dates (54%), Sesame Seeds (25%), Collagen (20%), Magnesium (1%)

Orange & Chia - Dates (53.5%), Dehydrated Egg White (22%), Almonds (15%), Chia Seeds (7%), Orange (1.5%), Orange Natural Flavour (1%)

Banana & Hazelnut - Dates (52%), Dehydrated Egg White (25%), Dehydrated Banana (12%), Hazelnuts (10%), Banana Natural Flavour (1%) 

Cacao & Reishi - Dates (55.3%), Hazelnuts (25%), Dehydrated Egg White (17%), Cocoa (2%), Resihi (0.7%)

Coconut & Maca - Dates (49%), Dehydrated Egg White (23%), Almonds (12%), Coconut (12%),  Maca (3%), Coconut Natural Flavour (1%)

We were impressed by the diversity of ingredients used for each bar, clearly there's an effort to make each bar very distinct.

Like most other Paleo bars, the 'base' is dates, so the usual advice that dates are high in natural sugar and so consuming these type of bars should be done in moderation as part of a balance diet applies.

Nutritional analysis (per 50g bar):

- of which sugars17.01g17.09g19.45g17.97g15.63g


- of which saturates0.90g0.63g0.29g0.65g4.27g
Worth noting that the Collagen & Sesame bar also contains 46% of your RDA of magnesium, sweet! A general theme running through all the bars is high protein (about 25% RDA) and high dietary fibre (about 15% RDA) so they have some good nutritional benefits and are definitely outdoing some of their UK counterparts here.

Overall Score

Collagen & Sesame Seed - 6/10

Orange & Chia - 6.5/10

Banana & Hazelnut -  6.5/10

Cacao & Reishi - 7/10

Coconut & Maca - 8/10

We all said if we saw these in a shop, we'd definitely thinking about buying them (after the tasting another 3 bars 'disappeared' off my desk, so that says a lot!

You can find out much more about Paleobull on their website (and order their bars online) or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

* this post is not sponsored, it's just an honest review.