Time to take a look at Fossil Fuel, producer of Paleo bars described as 'Primal Fuel for the modern Hunter-Gatherer' ... we've reviewed a lot here at Healthy Perpsective HQ, so do they measure up?

I rolled my crack team of tasters out again (aka my office mates) to give me a hand testing 3 bars from Fossil Fuel. Here's the lowdown...


The logo is cool and the simplicity of the packet is nice, you don't have to fight to find out what it is. For us though it was missing a ‘wow' factor, we wondered whether it would 'pop' on a shop shelf....

Taste, flavour & texture

Coconut & Cashew – very moist (more so than other brands), almost a citrus feel to it (the dates maybe?). Nothing overpowering about it, in a good way. Much more suitable for kids as ‘sweeter' in taste, we all agreed that we could eat an awful lot of these!

Macadamia & Cacao – very moist again, one tester said the cacao was a little bit bitter. Another tester said it was like a dark chocolate Snickers bar without the caramel! One tester said there was almost a hint of brandy in it (probably from the cacao?). This definitely has a more high-end/adult palate taste to it. 

Coffee & Cacao – Ok, hands up, I *hate* coffee so didn't even try it, I just left it to my office mates to try. And they weren't too keen on this one. It's a 'marmite' bar, you'll either love it or hate depending on if you have coffee in stuff other than just a cup of coffee. One taster said the coffee taste doesn't feel authentic or provide a particularly pleasant experience. We think this will probably be one for the hardcore crossfitters who want an extra caffeine kick. It was very coffee dominant and no idea what other flavours are in there.


Coffee & Cacao – Dates (63.3%), Almonds (21.7%), Raw Cacao (6.7%), Coconut Oil (4.2%), Coffee (4.2%)

Coconut & Cashew – Dates (53%), Cashew Nuts (25%), Dried Coconut (19%), Coconut Oil (3%)

Macadamia & Cacao – Dates (60%), Cashew Nuts (20%), Macadamias (11.6%), Raw Cacao (5%), Coconut Oil (3.4%)

So, 100% ‘Paleo' bars but very high in dates (higher than other brands selling similar products) – it's over half the bar. As a result, they taste ‘better' on the whole because they are sweeter but as always in these situations, there's that price to pay again of taste vs. health. I'm not saying these are 'unhealthy', they are *far* better than many energy and snack bars on the market, just watch the total sugars if you're following a sugar-free or low sugar diet.

Natural sugar is still sugar and so you shouldn't be looking to these bars to be a meal replacement or regular snack (without some serious exercise going on to burn it off, no doubt it will work well for exercise bunnies). We all agreed that we'd happily buy one as a ‘treat'.

Nutritional analysis (per 50g bar):

                                            Coffee & Cacao Coconut & Cashew Macadamia & Cacao
Energy Kcal                                        204                             237                                 225
Fat                                                       8.6g                             13g                            11g
(of which saturates)                               2.9g                             7.3g                           3.7g
Carbohydrates                                25g                          24.9g                         26.5g
(of which sugars)                             20.5g                          18.1g                         19.6g
Fibre                                               4.4g                             3.7g                           3.3g
Protein                                               4.3g                             3.3g                           3.4g
Salt                                                   0.011g                           0.01g                         0.01g

Overall Score

Coffee & Cacao – 5/10
Coconut & Cashew – 9/10 (would have been a 10 if the dates percentage was lower)
Macadamia & Cacao – 8/10

Any Fossil Fuel fans out there? Have you tried them?

You can visit the Fossil Fuel Website or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Please note: as with all reviews on this website, this is not a sponsored post, just an honest review.