How I *hate* it when I'm sent paleo treats to try, urgh .... only kidding, happy days! Recently I got to sample the fudge brownie from Designed2Eat, an online shop making and selling paleo & vegan snacks and cakes.

I'm going to deal with the elephant in the room. I always find talking about Paleo ‘treats' a bit hard, I'll be honest. Paleo purists would say we shouldn't be eating them, there's still too much sugar (albeit naturally occurring) in them. However, we live in a fast-moving world where we've all grown up surrounded by treats, chocolates, cakes, biscuits – the list goes on. It's truly hard to strip all that away from our lives (especially when you have kids asking for treats all.the.time.). Some do manage it, and fair play to you if you do!

Whilst I have significantly less sugar in my diet than in my pre-Paleo times, I'd honestly miss that whole feeling of having a ‘treat'. So I still do sometimes, I just make better choices about the ingredients that I'm happy to eat these days. Once in a while I'll even eat a (very non-Paleo) piece of cake or some biscuits. Radical I know – the world doesn't stop turning either ;-)

The level of sugar you should/could have in your diet, be it from natural or refined sources, will differ depending on who you are and what your level of activity is. You can read more about that in our feature on Sugar. Suffice to say, even if you only have a piece of fruit once in a blue moon, you still have sugar in your diet.

So, if you still need brownies in your diet, I may just have stumbled upon something which means you can have your cake and eat it. My crack team of testers (i.e. my office buddies and kids) were set loose to give you their review of the Designed2Eat Fudge Brownie:



Probably the only weak point of the review, we found it a bit busy and possibly needing a refresh, to make the packaging match the quality of the product inside.

The Brownie

The one sugar addict in the room wasn't keen, not sweet enough for him, no surprises there! (Designed2Eat tell me that they've tested them on people who have had no carbs or fruit for 90 days and they find them too sweet - shows as always that it depends on what is normal to you and how much your tastebuds change depending on how much sugar you consume). Everyone else, kids and adults alike, absolutely loved them! Comments included:

·        really lovely deep, dark chocolate taste

·        could eat lots of them as they aren't too sweet (this is both bad and good lol)

·        gooey, dense fudge brownie consistency

·        they are huge! (We wondered whether they'd consider doing brownie bites in the future, for days when you want a quick ‘fix' but not a whole bar)


The Ingredients

Dates (38%), Coconut palm sugar (19%), Sunflower seeds (16%), Creamed coconut(13%), Cocoa powder, Tapioca flour

Yep, paleo purists won't like the quantities of the dates and coconut sugar BUT you can't create a Paleo treat like this without them. So moderation yaddah, yaddah but as a treat, they are wickedly good J


Nutritional analysis (per 100g):

Calories 358

Fat 16.4g

Saturated Fat 7.5g

Carbohydrates 55.3g

Of which sugars 44.8g

Protein 5.2g

Fibre 5.2g

Salt 0.08g

A surprisingly high amount of fibre which is a bonus here, the fat comes really good sources (sunflower seeds and creamed coconut) so this brownie will fill you up for a long time!



£2.25 for a 100g bar

The cost is surprisingly low for the quality of the ingredients you get in it, a pleasant surprise!

What's theDesigned2Eat Story?

I always find it fascinating to know why someone ends up making Paleo brownies (and many other awesome things) for a living. The Managing Director, Charleh Dickinson, was a former elite athlete in Gymnastics, Modern Penthalon, Swimming and Athletics achieving National and British medals. Through her sports, she developed a keen interest in food and the effects it has on the body. Her personal goals involved in wanting to get fitter, healthier and be able to perform to the most optimum level but with being dairy and gluten intolerant, she felt limited in society.

Through discovering the Paleo lifestyle as a way of life that only wants to enhance you; her passion about food and nutrition increased and she just wanted to share her experience and ongoing adventure with everyone! So, Designed2Eat's blog was set up in January 2013 on Instagram. Since then the blog has expanded onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,Google+ and Pinterest. 

They look awesome! Where can I buy them?!

From the Designed2Eat website. You can also connect with the team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest[add links].

Note: This post is not sponsored, just (as usual) an honest review!