Liverpool City Council is considering targeting fast food restaurants who use hidden sugar in their food.

Restaurants who use hidden amounts of sugar in their food are being 'named and shamed' by Liverpool Council in a bid to get them to cut down on sugar, the BBC has reported.

Targeted restaurants include high street fast-food companies. The council are considering drawing up a bill to regulate sugar in food. Richard Kemp of Liverpool Council has criticised the restaurants for their sugar levels, singling out Pizza Hut, Nando's and Frankie and Benny's in particular.

Commenting on the proposals, Councillor Kemp said, "People have too much sugar and salt when they often don't know they are having it. If a child has two fizzy drinks and a fluffy ice-cream pudding they will have consumed seven times the daily recommended sugar", adding that, "if we have a city of people that waddle, we will have a city that dies early".