Depression affects 1 in 4 people in the UK. Here are some useful bits of nutritional information to help you cope.

As you may have read, a health issue very close to my heart is DEPRESSION - it affects 1 in 4 people in the UK (I think it's higher!).

Personally it's been with me for over 20 years. I've made the biggest progress through changes in nutrition and exercise so I thought I'd share a few bits of useful nutritional info with you.

If you do, or think you do, suffer from depression:

1. Find someone to talk to (be it a friend, parent, sibling, doctor, alternative therapist). It is WAY more common than you think and really shouldn't be a taboo subject any more, it's an illness just like any other. I know how impossible it feels to talk to someone, like everyone else I took way too long to pluck up the courage and do it, I could kick myself!I can't believe the number of people I know who have since revealed their depression since I started talking about my own experiences. If all else fails send me a message – been there, still doing that, got the t-shirt etc

2. Look at your nutrition, it has a MASSIVE impact on your mental well-being – you need to try to increase your levels of:* Omega-3 fats* B vitamins* Serotonin* Chromium* Vitamin D (through sun exposure)…and you need to get your blood sugar levels under control – one of many reasons why I now follow a more primal and Paleo lifestyle.

3. Finally, and this is through personal experience, get someone who knows their stuff to see if there are imbalances or intolerances in your body which may be contributing to your mental state – I went to a Kyniesiologist which was the BEST decision. I had very high oestrogen and very low cortisol which finally got diagnosed and addressed, not something that would have been fixed via a GP.

And the real bad-guy to avoid? Yep, you guessed, our old frenemy GLUTEN – research has shown you have an 80% increased chance of developing depression where you have a high-gluten diet.

Really hard to break I know, but trust me when I say it's worth it.

I hope this is helpful – it's a cliche but please know you're not alone, far from it.