Let's talk about the health benefits of pineapple, one of my favourite fruit – do you include it in your diet?

I'm a big fan of fresh pineapple, you can't beat it.

I usually use it green smoothies or as part of a fruit salad, it's also just a lovely snack in it's own right.

Here are 5 reasons to add it to your diet:

1. Pineapple helps to beats colds & flu – 100g provides 80% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C.

2. Pineapple is the only food source of the enzyme BROMELAIN which is known to reduce pain and inflammation – great for those with e.g. arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

3. Pineapple decreases the risk of obesity and heart disease.

4. Pineapple is a rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre.

5. Pineapple is rich in B-complex vitamins like folates, thiamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin and minerals like copper, manganese and potassium.

My main reason for including it (other than it tastes amazing!) is for arthritis pain management and it's a great Vitamin C boost as we head towards winter.

Oh and I found out recently that pineapples grow on plants, not trees – rather embarrassed not to know that ha!

If you have any good recipes that use pineapple be sure to share them in the comments, I'm always looking for new inspiration!