Coconut water is a great drink to add to your list, or add to your green smoothies

I use coconut water a lot in my smoothies, so I thought I'd share the ‘why' behind it – there are many reasons to use it, including:

1. Stabilising blood pressure – thanks to high magnesium & potassium

2. Replenishing electrolytes – great for post-exercise

3. Lowering stress & depression – due to high levels of Vitamin B derivatives

4. Anti-ageing – thanks to cytokines and lauric acid (yay!)

5. Increases metabolic rate – which means you burn fat more efficiently

6. Improves digestion & reduces bloating – thanks to bioactive enzymes

7. Great for hair & skin health

8. Very low calorie & fat free (I don't count calories/fat anymore but I know many do)

The list goes on! What's not to like??!! It's not cheap, I buy 330ml cans in bulk online which keeps costs down dramatically.

Whichever you buy, just make sure it is pure with no nasty additives etc :-)