The purpose of Healthy Perspective is to share information about health & wellbeing. I firmly believe that knowledge is power, the more knowledge you have about how you treat your body, the more likely you are to make better decisions for it, in the short and long term.

Blogging and posting recipes about Paleo lifestyle, Primal lifestyle, making green smoothies and gluten/dairy free living is hugely enjoyable (if a little time consuming!) and I get such a buzz when anyone makes my recipes or has ideas/recipes of their own to share – the more the merrier!

However, as a blogger, there are also opportunities for me to get paid for what I do.

Running a website & blog does have it’s expenses – hosting, domain names, email maintenance, licenses and mostly time. That means if I can receive payment to cover the essential costs and then be able to build a better online experience with better content for you, believe me I’ll do it. That said, you are my priority.

Trust me when I say that I won’t ever share a product, service or recipe that I don’t rate highly or I don’t believe is of value to you. That’s just not how I work and it never will be. I’m driven by wanting to help people, not make £££ – I just have (many!) bills to pay, like we all do!

Please feel free to read through the following accepted forms of blog compensation, to further inform you of the Healthy Persepctive website set-up:

Affiliate links

I am an affiliate for many of the products and services that I recommend, principally with Amazon.co.uk. When you click on a link on my site or visit the ‘Shop‘ page and purchase whatever product or service is being offered I may receive a very small percentage of that purchase, at no extra cost to you. Feel free to go straight to the source if you don’t feel comfortable doing that.

Non-Affiliate links

I also recommend many other products and services via weblinks which are not affiliate links, just because I won’t earn anything doesn’t mean I won’t recommend them. I will recommend the best products and services that I use, whether I get any form of commission from them is irrelevant and I treat it as a bonus – remember, it’s about you, not making £££.

As the website grows in traffic, so might the ways in which I can generate revenue from it.

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