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Zoic Ltd

27 Old Gloucester Street,
London, London

Zoic Ltd

As the world population is growing significantly, we have to find a better solution as soon as possible and it has to be of a good quality and sustainable.

However, at the end of the day grains are not the food we are meant to eat. We have been evolving for 2 million years, eating nothing but meat, fish, vegetables, insects, nuts, fruit, seed, roots. These are the food sources that made us who we are today.

And this is what our protein bars are bringing back.

Paleolithic nutrition modernized and customized for modern-day challenges. Our mission is creating a protein bar from real food. No additives, extracted proteins, refined sugars or any other hidden and fake ingredient that we find in most food supplements. Insects are a perfect part of a protein bar, not only for making them more nutritious but also because protein bars are tasty and can be the ice breaker for the new sustainable source of protein in all other forms.

Our mission is to accelerate the world to the much-needed agricultural revolution of the 21st century.


27 Old Gloucester Street, , London, London, WC1N 3AX,
Phone: 0038640213535
Email: info@zoicbar.com

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