Paleo for Couples

Are you and your partner a Paleo couple?

If not, you might want to try a Paleo lifestyle together and get surprised at what this primal lifestyle can do for your relationship. Surprising as it may sound, Paleo is a superb way for the two of you to strengthen your bond and relationship. Want to learn more? Read on below to see what Paleo is and how it can enhance your relationship for the best.

What is the Paleo Lifestyle?

The Paleo lifestyle is the healthiest way you can live as it works with your genetics to ensure that you stay strong, energetic and lean. Researchers in various disciplines (such as biology, dermatology, ophthalmology and biochemistry) have established that our modern lifestyles are the root causes of degenerative diseases and conditions like cancer, diabetes, obesity and infertility among many others.

The Paleo lifestyle helps you to avoid such diseases and conditions by sticking to primal diets and activities. It is no wonder that ancient humans were tall, agile, muscular, athletic and versatile; contrary to modern humans who are overweight, obese, out of shape, sleep deprived and unhappy.

So, what should you do to stick to the Paleo lifestyle? Here are some top tips.

Eat lean proteins: lean proteins help your body to develop strong muscles, optimal immune system and healthy bones.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable: they will supply you with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and phytonutrients that are known to reduce chances of getting degenerative diseases and conditions.

Stick to healthy fats: they include fats from nuts, olive oil, avocados, fish oil, seeds, and grass-fed meat. These fats are mono unsaturated and contain omega-3. For that reason they reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like cancer, obesity and heart diseases among others.

Eliminate or reduce legumes and cereal grains: researches indicate that they play a role in causing diabetes and being overweight.

Cut out vegetable, hydrogenated, and semi-hydrogenated oils (such as margarine, corn oil, peanut oil and such): they are directly related to risks of heart diseases as well as obesity.

Eliminate dairy products and added sugars: they are also related to lifestyle and degenerative diseases (note: some full fat dairy products are acceptable under a Primal Diet).

Sleep 8 hours a day: enough rest leaves body cells and organs efficient and optimum.

Exercise adequately: make your training sessions short but intense.

Eliminate stress: try as much as possible to avoid anything that causes you physical and mental stress. Surround yourself with things that make you smile, laugh and happy.

Do not be afraid of the sun: it is a source of vitamin-D.

Benefits of Becoming a Paleo Couple

Paleo comes with many benefits. Whereas some benefits are direct, others are indirect. Similarly, once you embark on the Paleo lifestyle, you will enjoy some benefits immediately while others will come later on in life.

Therefore, it is essential that you and your partner remain patient and consistent as you implement it. Below are some merits of being a Paleo couple.

1. You stay away from the doctor

Following a Paleo lifestyle will help you and your partner to remove foods that are bad for your health (such as dairy, grains and legumes) and add those that enhance it. According to research, the lifestyle will reverse all the signs and symptoms of insulin resistance, cut down on your weight, and balance your blood glucose levels. All those are essential in ensuring that the two of you remain healthy and at low risk of diabetes, heart-related complications and obesity. Good health is the ultimate gift that you can give yourselves as partners.

2. You get plenty of things to do together

The Paleo lifestyle gives partners opportunities to get through daily routines together. For example, it highly recommends intermittent fasting (where you miss a meal or two per day) and to working partners, that can be a great way of ensuring that the two of you meet over dinner each day. Furthermore, when you do activities like exercises and basking in the sun together, you get time to hang out and do stuff together. That could be a great opportunity for you two to bond and strengthen your relationship frequently. 

3. Healthy sex life

Sex is an essential part of any relationship. A healthy sex life is likely to indicate satisfaction of both partners. Following a Paleo lifestyle together ensures that both of you are physically strong and energetic at all times. Those are primary ingredients for a good sex life. Secondly, it helps you lose any unnecessary weight. That too is essential for creating physical attraction between you and your partner. Finally, the time you spend together when going through the Paleo lifestyle can create an emotional, physical and thus sexual bond between you two.

4. You will pass it down to your kids

A Paleo lifestyle is not only beneficial for you and your partner but also for your kids. Once you introduce them to it, they can stick to it much easily compared to if they learn about it later in life. For that reason, they will grow up with enhanced immunity and reduced cases of autoimmunity.

5. You get to support each other

The best thing about doing Paleo together is that you and your partner get the chance to support each other through the transformation journey. For most people, the transition to Paleo lifestyle is usually hard and almost impossible because they don’t get the emotional and physical support they need. However, a Paleo couple is more likely to find it easy because of the love, care and understanding that come with doing it together.

In conclusion, following a Paleo lifestyle as a couple rocks! If you and your partner are thinking of trying it, do not turn back. It is a great opportunity for you two to bond and support each other into a whole new lifestyle that is healthy and free of diseases. Furthermore, you can learn how to raise your kids in the lifestyle and thus teach them how to stay healthy.

However, you need to remember that it may take your body a couple of weeks to adjust to the new ways of eating and exercising. It might take an even longer time for it to excrete all the stored up toxins (chemicals) from the body. Therefore, much as the benefits are guaranteed, you need to give it time before you’ll notice all of them.

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