Why Green Smoothies?

green smoothie, green smoothie recipe, health benefitsThe first time I put up a picture of a green smoothie I had made on Facebook, there were two main reactions. Firstly, ‘wow, I was thinking of trying those, are they any good?’ and an equal number of ‘Ugh, are you mad, why would you drink that?!’ ;-)

Until I tried one, I was in the ‘ugh’ camp – drink spinach and kale, are you mad?! Then I made one because I needed to get more raw green veg into my diet and I was amazed that I really liked it.

They can be used for a number of reasons: to detox naturally, to lose weight, to be a meal replacement, to get more raw fruit and veg into your diet and/or to provide good nutrition after a workout. Whatever your reason, trust me when I say they are worth a go!

As long as you get the balance of fruit to veg right (I recommend 60% fruit:40% green/other veg if you don’t want to taste the green veg at all), a whole new world opens up.

You can add superfoods, supplement powders, seeds, nuts, use all kinds of milk and yoghurt as your base – the possibilities really are endless. Just watch how many fruits with high natural sugar levels you use, especially if you are diabetic or wanting to lose weight.

I’m sharing my smoothie journey on here so dive into the Green smoothie recipes!

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