Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to Paleo

What is 'Healthy'?

No two experts in the world of health would give the same answer – the ‘best’ answer I can give is this: what would make you feel ‘healthy’ – having more energy, losing weight, improving your skin, getting some body tone & definition, a BMI of less than 30 (not that I wholly believe in BMI but that’s another story!), being able to run/ride/workout everyday, only eating vegetables or meat?

The list goes on – ultimately what is healthy for you is not the same as what is healthy for me. What drives us is different, our bodies are different shapes, sizes, different genes, metabolism. You get where I’m going with this, right?

It’s all about, yes you guessed it, having a healthy perspective! Ta-da, genius ;-)

So, don’t get hung up on whether you stick to your eating and/or exercise plan 100% everyday, do not beat yourself up if you have a bad day and do not compare yourself to others (everyone’s body is different and the vast majority of us are never meant to be a size zero). Pick yourself up and crack back on. I believe that when it comes to health, knowledge is power – the more you inform yourself about health and well-being, the more you will (hopefully!) make better decisions about what you eat, drink and do.

What is 'a Paleo diet'?

Put simply, if the food you eat can't be hunted or gathered/harvested, don't eat it. It harks back to our palaeolithic ancestors and what they used to eat. Simple, clean & unprocessed food. You can find out lots more on our 'New to paleo?' pages.

So what will I find here?

You can find out more about a paleo lifestyle, a primal lifestyle, gluten-free living, dairy free benefits and the health benefits to be obtained from drinking green smoothies.

You'll also find the UK's largest Paleo, Primal & Clean Living directory - whatever you're looking for to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle, you'll find it in the directory - from paleo treats to coconut oil to primal retreats and restaurants.

The other big part of this website is dedicated to creating food and drink recipes. By that we mean recipes that anyone can make to get you on that healthier path to eating REAL food that is nutrient-dense, but above all, tasty as hell. You'll only find tried and tested recipes here, not everything I've ever created - if it doesn't get a big thumbs up from all the family, it doesn't appear here!

We LOVE seeing your creations from my recipes so soon you'll be able to upload them to this website. In the mean time, post them on the Healthy Perspective Facebook Page, or on Instagram (with the #healthyperspective hashtag) so I can see!

Can I get any free stuff?

Yes of of course! You can get your mitts on:

-  the free weekly newsletter, full of the latest recipes, features, news and product reviews. Just pop your email address in the sign-up box to the left.

-  a 10-week Paleo transition programme. It's a high-level gentle process of moving you across to a Paleo lifestyle, concetrating on one area of your diet and well-being per week. It's very flexible so whether you want to do it in 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 months, it will work for you.

- lots of tools to help you lead a healthier life. Head to the Tools section and access a BMI calculator, a weights converter for recipes, a nutrition calculator and access our online Amazon shop of your favourite tried and tested Paleo products to make transitioning over a breeze.

-  our list of 'must read' Paleo and clean living books. We've read *a lot* and have found the best ones out there.

What if I'm a clean living blogger or business and I want to work with you?

Awesome news! Head over to the 'partnerships' page to find out more, then drop us a line!.

Enjoy your time on the Healthy Perspective, and if we can help at all, Get in touch.

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