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Feel broken but not sure why?  Lacking energy? Want a natural approach to feeling good? You're in the right place!

I'm Jan Minihane and welcome to Healthy Perspective - health information and recipes for Paleo, Primal & clean living.  

You'll also find the UK's largest Paleo, Primal & Healthy Living directory here.

It's all about real food for real health benefits, to kick-start a new healthier YOU.

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Paleo Recipes

Crispy Salmon, Spinach & Broccoli Supper Spinach stuffed Chicken in Parma ham with Sweet potato chips Spanish turkey & aubergine stew Lamb and Mint Burgers (with hidden liver!)

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Primal Recipes

Easy paleo pancakes Spicy roasted veg paleo pasta (yes, I said pasta!) Spanish turkey & aubergine stew Pancetta & Egg Salad

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Smoothie Recipes

 Citrus Avocado Green Smoothie Kiwi & Pear Green Smoothie Romaine lettuce & blueberry green smoothie Apple & blueberry green smoothie

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